Ukraine has increased exports of agricultural products: how much and where did they sell?

The largest importers in the reporting period were the countries of the European Union, which supplied Ukrainian agricultural products with $ 668 million.

Ukrainian producers in January increased exports of agricultural products by 22.5% compared to the same period last year – to 1.7 billion dollars.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food with reference to and. at. Minister Olga Trofimtseva. “According to the results of the first month of 2019, Ukrainian agricultural exports continued to grow and increased by $ 321 million. Compared with January 2018, “the press service quoted Trofimtsev’s words. The leaders of Ukrainian agricultural exports traditionally remain grain crops with a share of 44.6% in the overall structure of agrarian exports, oil – 19.8%, and seeds of oilseeds – 9.7%. Trofimtseva also noted regional changes in the structure of export of agricultural products. “The first place among our markets was the countries of the European Union, where we shipped $ 668 million worth of products this January. Asian countries gave way to our European neighbors, with a result of just over $ 641 million, and the third place – in African countries, where Ukrainian agroexport amounted to $ 292.2 million over this period “, – said the deputy minister. The largest importers of Ukrainian agricultural products in January were Egypt ($ 153.6 million), the Netherlands ($ 149.9 million), India ($ 143.9 million), Spain ($ 135.8 million), and Turkey (112 , $ 3 million).

At the same time, Trofimtseva added, taking into account the positive tendencies in the export of agricultural products and its importance in terms of the formation of foreign exchange earnings, it is necessary to pay attention to the problems of export logistics, primarily of railways, especially for cereals and oilseeds. “Due to the fact that the critical issues in logistics remain on the agenda, Minagroprod, together with business representatives, has decided to resume the regular work of the interagency headquarters on the operational solution of the problems of logistics in agriculture, focusing in his work not only on the solution of current working issues, but also to work on more strategic themes of agrarian logistics “, – said Trofimtseva. She noted that imports of food products also increased by 9.5% compared with January 2018 and amounted to $ 462.6 million. Ukraine has most imported fruits, nuts, fish, tobacco and its products, cocoa beans and chocolate, cereals, coffee, tea, spices and oils. As reported by UNIAN, the total export of agricultural products from Ukraine in 2018 increased by 5% compared with 2017 and amounted to a record 18.8 billion dollars. At the same time, Ukraine has increased the foreign trade turnover of agricultural products by 1.7 billion dollars. – up to 24.3 billion dollars

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